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Fette Filter - 4 Premium Refrigerator Air Filter

SKU: WET-36Y-4636
  • Fette Filter: Compatible with PureAir Ultra II Refrigerator Air Filter eliminates odors from your refrigerator and freezer by trapping, neutralizing and removing odor-causing molecules.
  • Activated carbon: This filter is 7 times more effective than baking soda at removing odors including the smell of onion, garlic, fish and other strong odors
  • Compatible with Frigidaire/Electrolux air filters PD00044143, PS12364179, PAULTRA2, EAP12364179, AP6285787, 4582822, 242047805, 5303918847 For Frigidaire refrigerators with Pure Air Ultra II filtration systems
  • To ensure optimal filtering of refrigerator odors, you should change the air filter every three to six months the filter status light on the Touch Panel prompts you to replace the filter after six months.